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  • Does Wellbeing Travel? Symposium resources

Presentation powerpoints, video footage, workshop reports and more from the event 'Does wellbeing travel? Debating universalism and cultural difference in understandings of wellbeing', 10 Feb 2012, Bath.


dwt1In February 2012, Wellbeing and Poverty Pathways organised a one-day symposium on how understandings of wellbeing differ by national, economic or cultural context and the implications of this for wellbeing measurement.

Speakers included Professor Richard Ryan of University of Rochester, Dr Laura Camfield of University of East Anglia, and Dr Sarah White of University of Bath.

Resources - including video of the paper presentations, reports on the discussion sessions, and posters presented - are being made available as an ongoing resource, organised around the three themes of the day.

Leverhulme lecture by Professor Richard Ryan (Dept. of Psychology, University of Rochester): 'Cross-cultural perspectives on wellbeing and autonomy'

Slides from Richard Ryan's presentation (PDF download)

Video footage of Richard Ryan's presentation

 Report on workshop on autonomy (PDF download)

  • Theme 2: Relationship

 Dr Laura Camfield (School of International Development, University of East Anglia): 'Being well with others: to what extent are people's understandings of wellbeing relational? Perspectives from Ethiopia and Thailand'

Powerpoint slides from Laura Camfield's presentation (PDF download) 

Video footage of Laura Camfield's presentation 

 Report on workshop on relationship (PDF download)

  • Theme 3: Forms of Enquiry

 Dr Sarah C. White (Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath): 'Enquiring about wellbeing in Zambia and India.'

Powerpoint slides from Sarah White's presentation (PDF download)

Video footage of Sarah White's presentation

 Report on workshop on forms of enquiry (PDF download)

  • Poster presentations

Emer Brangan, University of Bath: 'Just sitting? Physical activity, chronic disease and wellbeing in urban South Africa' (PDF download)

Sarah Coulthard & Easkey Britton, University of Ulster: 'Using wellbeing to assess social impacts of change in the fisheries sector' (PDF download)

Oscar Garza, University of Bath: 'Deconstructing relationships, complementarities and contradictions between autonomy and relatedness: A critical exploration of Self-Determination Theory' (PDF download)

Viviana Ramirez, University of Bath: 'Ranking by Happiness: A new world order?' (PDF download)